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Course Details

Diploma in Aircraft Ground Handling

Duration: 1 year

Fees: 50,000 INR

Value: Diploma Courses are affiliated with Gujarat University

The civil aviation industry in India has emerged as one of the fastest growing industries in the country during the last three years. India is currently considered the third largest domestic civil aviation market in the world.The government of India says it is planning to spend $60bn on doubling the number of airports it operates as it races to meet demand in its aviation market, the world’s fastest growing market.

Jayant Sinha, the minister for civil aviation, said in a recent interview with the Nikkei Asian Review that “India should have 150 to 200 airports in the next 15 to 20 years”.At present, the country has 100 airports, although it is building new ones fast, with no fewer than 31 expected to be completed in the next 12 months.

Of the 100 new airports to be constructed, about 70 will go up in areas that have no airport now,and the remainder will become secondary airports.

Millions of passengers travel by air every year in the world. Airlines have people working round the clock handling flights at the airports known as Ground Staff. Diploma in Airport Ground Handling course is especially designed for those candidates who have a zest to work in international level environments of airport and who like meeting and assisting people from all over the world. This profession requires lot of hard work, commitment, smartness and total dedication. The course is designed to cover all aspects of airport ground handling as well as grooming your personality. Personality Development and English are also an integral part of this course for overall growth of an individual. After successful completion of this course, the candidates can work as professionals at airport in various domestic & international airlines.

Airport Handling

Aircraft ground handling defines the servicing of an aircraft while it is on the ground. Career prospects and the possibility of landing a high paying job in Aviation sector

Flight Dispatcher

Flight dispatchers are responsible for ensuring the safety of an aircraft’s flight. This includes preparing a flight plan, which is a detailed schedule of destinations, layovers, distance, and expected fuel consumption, winds aloft, weather, altitude, compass bearing, and alternate destinations in case of problems.

Ground / Airport Station Attendant

This position has many names: airline informational representative, ground attendant, station attendant, special assistant coordinator, or airport informational representative. Regardless of title, the main responsibility is to assist passengers in the terminal with general questions regarding directions, terminal services, or arranging wheelchair access.

Passenger Service Agent

Passenger service agents some of the same responsibilities as those in station agent jobs, but they are focused on working passengers – not aircraft. Their duties include issuing refunds to passengers, computing fares, preparing and selling tickets, collecting charges for excess baggage, checking baggage, and providing travel information.

Crew Schedule Coordinator

Airline crew schedule coordinators are responsible for staffing of aircrew and ground support to keep flights on schedule. If weather or mechanical difficulties delay a flight, it is the crew scheduler’s responsibility to make sure schedule adjustments are made so that travelers arrive at their destination on time.

Airline Station Agent

The most important duty of the station agent or district operations manager is ensuring the overall operations of a given airline at an airport. This encompasses both flight and ground support operations and involves coordinating flight crew, cargo crew, baggage crew, ground crew, and the information that must be communicated among all these teams.

Who will get benefits with course?

  • Students looking for Professional career, Professional working in industry

Course Curriculum

  • English & Computer
  • Personality Development
  • Airport Operation
  • Global Aviation Industry
  • Airport Policies in India
  • Airport Security
  • Roll of Government in Aviation Industry
  • Aircraft Manufactures
  • World Airlines and Airports
  • Airport Catering
  • Airport Handling
  • Crisis Management in Airport
  • Luggage Maintenance

How you will get benefited?

  • Students will be trained by highly qualified experienced faculties of trade
  • Students will be groomed in terms of vocabulary, dress up which will enhance their personality
  • R K Academy will provide internship training to all students to get the feel of professional work culture; we provide career counseling and job assistance

Registration Procedures and fees

  • All Academic certificate
  • Passport size photographs
  • Aadhar card copy
  • Pan card copy