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22 April 2019

Top skills for Travel Consultant

Travel business may seem easy to the uninitiated but it requires complex skills to successfully render the services. A satisfied customer is your advertisement for future successes. In the following paragraphs, I will try to explain in brief, few of the skills that are required to be a successful Travel Consultant. They are not in any particular order of importance but they are all important, nevertheless.

Career in Travel and Tourism

Before all else, you should love what you do to become a successful Travel Consultant. The romance of enabling people to explore exciting destinations around the world should shine through the eyes of the Travel Consultant. They should be able to exude the same excitement the customer feels while planning the itinerary. Being on the same page with the same level of adrenaline is the mantra for sure shot business.

Product Knowledge

Travel Consultants are dream merchants. They sell dreams. They cater to customers who want to travel to places they have never been to. As a Travel Consultant we are required to deliver the destination to the customer just as he has envisioned. Therefore, detailed knowledge of destinations that Travel Consultant markets, is mandatory. Right from the destination description, distances, attractions, how to get there etc., every little detail should be made available. Travelling to these destinations for familiarization is fine but knowledge through other sources and internet will suffice if it is reliable and thorough.


Patience is the name of the game. Remember, the customer will be investing a fair amount of money for their holiday and will do their own homework through internet or other means. There are times their views will differ with that of the Travel Consultant. They may not always be right but frequent changes and suggestion will flow from the customer. The Travel Consultant will be expected to patiently handle such views without getting into an argument or confrontation. There is no need to convey to the customer that, as Travel Consultant, you are always right.

People’s Skills

This literally means handling people, in this case, the customer. The ability to listen, understand and convey form the basis of this skill set. A smile on the face always reflects positivity. It’s a welcoming emotion and should be on display at all times. To be able to convey your ideas clearly, to be able to empathize during disruptions and to be able to provide quick solutions epitomizes quality service.

Communication Skills

The ability to communicate determines the success of a Travel Consultant. If the communication is clear, the chances of things going wrong are negligible. When the communication is clear, the customer satisfaction level increases and augurs well for repeat business. Any form of communication is good as long its detailed and recorded.

Organizational Skills

When all the pieces of the puzzle fall in place, the picture is complete. Same is the case with Travel. An itinerary consists of various components. When all these components are taken care of and placed in the correct order, the itinerary is complete. This is the core competence of a successful Travel Consultant.

After Sales Service

While doing all of the above competently, after sales service will finally determine repeat customer and referrals. Travel Consultants should take feedback from the customers who have completed their travel plans. This will not only provide an insight to the level of service but give room for improvement. It will also develop a relationship with the customer which is of prime importance to keep the business in the house. Not only that, a satisfied customer will bring others into your contact and increase of business is a clear possibility.


Costing of itineraries and incorporating of profits into quotes is an art that Travel Consultant have to master. In a price sensitive environment, it is imperative for the Travel Consultant to know how to price the itinerary. Bargaining has become the norm and to cleverly leave room for this in the costing, is an art.

The Art of Presentation

We began this topic by mentioning that a Travel Consultant sells dreams. It is also important if the Travel Consultant can visually conceptualize the dream onto a presentation. A visually artistic presentation makes the itinerary more attractive to the customer. He has a clear idea what to expect and how the places may seem on their dream destination. After all, a well packaged gift is always the first one to be opened.