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8 April 2019

Travel & Tourism Courses – Career Overview

One of the toughest decisions one has to make while growing up is what he / she should choose as a career. In an era of wide range of options, there is also an option of working with the largest industry employer in the world. Travel, Tourism and Aviation has emerged as the largest recruiter of work force. It is estimated that air travel numbers are poised to double by 2034. This would mean an increase in career opportunities to handle the surge in volume. It is, therefore, estimated that the Industry will have new job strength of 36m across the globe.

Career in Travel and Tourism

With such positive reports, would we not begin to seriously take this Industry as a viable and lucrative career option? A definite yes! But you may ask yourself, “What’s In It For Me?”. Well, a lot actually. This industry has the most diverse segments of attractive career options than any in the world. So let us look at a few below :


Considered, by far, the most glamorous. It is not easy at it seems. It is an intricate web of allied services, aligned together, to give the traveler a complete travel experience. It starts from the time you enter the air terminal gates at your point of departure till the time you exit the gates at the point of arrival.

Ranging from Customer Service Executives with smiles to greet you at the check-in counters to the lounge executive to the executive at the boarding gates until the time you enter the aircraft to be greeted by charming air hostesses and Pursers. In all of this, do not forget the Pilots who fly those magnificent “birds”.

Airports also have small Airline offices within the terminal building where reservation agents are waiting to serve the customers with last minute change in travel plans or even issuing tickets for those in a hurry.

Aviation also comprises of technical staff like Aeronautical Engineers whose predominant duty is to ensure the Aircraft is airworthy. There is also a strong ground force which performs other duties like loading / unloading of baggage, meeting and assisting passengers who require assistance and catering personnel who load meals for the passengers. There are many more duties but it would need an entire worksheet to detail them all.

Travel Agency

The fact that this is the first step in all travel planning makes this branch of the Industry as one of the most important service branch. The duty of the travel agency is to help passengers with their travel arrangements. It begins with helping with itinerary creation followed by booking of it components like tickets, hotels, tours etc.. The skill levels in this branch of the Industry are pretty demanding and one should undergo recognized training program and its certification to be able to perform the roles efficiently and effectively. The Travel Agencies conform to rules laid down by IATA (International Air Transport Association) which is an Association of Airlines operating around the world. The Travel Agencies have to pass their accreditation guidelines to be recognized and authorized to provide service related to the member Airlines.

Travel Agencies exist in every country across the globe with thousands within some large cities. Thus, the opportunity for a lucrative career has many chances waiting.

Allied Services

Besides the two main branches mentioned above, Tour Operator is another branch. Similar to a travel agency, tour operators cater mainly to those travelling for leisure as individuals, family or in a group. We may also term this as a specialized arm of a travel agency. Tour operators are responsible to organize all end-to-end service for a complete holiday experience. Tour operators normally send tour guides / leaders to handle a group travelling together. This offers an opportunity for those employed in such Companies to see destinations across the world. No other business offers you the chance to see the world while you work.

Other allied service would include Airline catering, Transit Hotels, Car hire, Cruises, Rail, F&B etc. All these make this Industry one of the largest employers in the world.

The brief above on the composition of the Industry and the opportunities, throws up the question of what are the course that are required for the skills set. Following are some of the courses listed below :

  • Diploma – Foundation in Travel and Tourism
  • Diploma – Travel & Tourism Consultant
  • Diploma – Managing the Travel Business
  • Diploma – Travel Sales and Operations
  • Diploma – Airport Ground Handling

The above is just a tip of the iceberg. To really understand this Industry, we may require to browse through hundreds of pages and yet not be fully informed. This displays the sheer potential and opportunity it has to offer. There are several diverse options available and one needs to consult an IATA Authorized Training Centre (ATC) to determine where you fit in and how to achieve that goal. So visit one today and fulfill your dreams of a glorious career.