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15 April 2019

5 Reasons to choose a career in Travel Industry

Why Travel Industry? This is the persistent question from prospective employees. They have their reason because its not a traditionally preferred career option like medicine, engineering, IT etc. The Travel Industry is actually a combination of several industries packaged as one. Prospective employees are not clear what it actually means. So below we list 5 reason why this industry should be on your career list.

Career in Travel and Tourism
1. Choices

As mentioned above, Travel Industry is an amalgamation of a variety of Industries each connected to form the larger Travel Industry. It gives career option in Travel Agencies, Tour Operators, Airlines, Cruises, Surface transportation, Customer Service, Entrepreneurship, Wholesale Agency, Inbound Tourism, Medical Tourism, Catering etc. Anything that is a constituent of the word “Travel” is a component of the Industry.

2. Easy Employment

The Travel Industry does not require any specialized studies. Basic education in any stream would suffice to make an entry into the Industry. However, if basic education is backed up by a skill program then it adds value to your employability. Such courses are short term and easily manageable. There are many Authorized Training Centers like R K Academy of Excellence which prepare prospects for the Skills Diploma. It even employs successful candidates, providing instant employment.

3. Industry of Growth

Travel Industry and Aviation is the fastest growing industry in the word. It employs around 9% of total employees in the world. The industry is set to grow to provide 36 million jobs worldwide by 2034. That is almost double the number of jobs currently. With new innovations and technology, the industry is fast evolving by adding new branches for sustainable employment.

4. Travel the World

The most compelling reason to join the Travel Industry is the opportunity to Travel to exciting destinations around the world. What’s more, you also earn while you travel. The suppliers provide opportunities to Travel Professionals to visit destinations and experience what it has to offer first hand. This enable selling it to potential customers. Also, being a professional in the industry provides benefits like discounted travel, complimentary stays, exclusive deals etc. Who would not want to be part of this and meet different people, experience different cultures? It is truly exhilarating.

5. Happy People

While travelling all over the world is compelling reason to join the industry, making people happy is the most satisfying reason. Your customers come with a dream and you help fulfill it. It is as if you have travelled with them and provided them with moments that they will carry with them all their life. This is one reason why this career can make you feel better as a person.